RetroBox Guide

Thank you for your recent purchase. This guide will help you use your console and its features correctly.

General Use:

When turning off the console, press start and shutdown through the menu, instead of unplugging the console.


Turning on the console (have the monitor on):

1. Connect the console to your monitor or TV via HDMI.

2. Turn on your console by connecting it to the power supply.

Connecting the controllers (wireless):

1. Insert the controller’s dongle into the console’s USB slot.

2. Press the connect-button in the center of the controller to connect.

Adding your own games:

You’ll need your console to be on, and connected to the WiFi.

(to do this, go to Setup > WiFi)

You’ll also need the game files you’d like to add. If they are ZIP files, you must extract them (unless it’s for MAME).

You can contact us and we can provide any links needed.

1. On a computer that’s on the same network, open File Explorer and go to Network. Type //retropie in the address bar. Image here.

You may be asked for a username & password.

User: pi

Password: raspberry (alternatively, it can be pi for some consoles).

2. Navigate to ‘roms’ and choose the system that you’d like to add your games to. They are abbreviations – so ‘psx’ is for PlayStation 1.

3. Open a new File Explorer tab and simply drag and drop the game file to the folder on the console. Then, restart your console.

Saving & Loading Games:

To load games:

Select your save slot (by using select + D-pad) and then press left shoulder

To save games:

1. Hold Select, and use the D-Pad to select the slot in which you want to save. The slot number will show in the bottom left of the screen.

2. Press the Right Shoulder to save the game.


To exit games:

Press start and select simultaneously

Setting up Kodi:

1. Connect your console to the WiFi using a keyboard.

(Setup / RetroPie > WiFi)

You can now stream entertainment from the console using Kodi.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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